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Lorenzo Giaccone

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I practice mostly Surflifesaving (is a multifaceted social movement that comprises key aspects of lifeguard services and competitive surf sport). I’m the Italian champion in one of this race. I would like to talk about sport and its opportunities.


my sport is called Surf lifesaving, is a multifaceted social movement that comprises key aspects of ocean lifeguard services and competitive surf sport. Originating in early 20th century Australia, the movement has expanded globally to other countries, including New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, and EUROPE, especially in Italy, where athletes have broken world records and won European and world championships. I’m one of the best athlete in Italy,  specialized in ocean race and run race. One 4 times italian champion in one of tehes race. I'd really like to talk about this sport and its opportunities with those who believe in small businesses.

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Surflifesaving is a sport belonging to the aquatic specialties sponsored by the FIN (Italian swimming federation, 138k follower on instagram). Fin is the federation with the most members in Italy. we are more than 5000 athletes in Italy, growing every year. In Europe there are a lot of international competition supported by local tv or main sponsor like REDBULL in France or QUICKSILVER in Spain. 

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Gruppo Sportivo Vigili Del Fuoco G. Salza Torino (Verein)